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Globalization has highlighted the need for collaboration across geographic borders. The Enterpreter™ is poised to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Imagine being lost in Spain, unable to understand anyone, but you are able to hail a taxi-cab and can communicate with the driver by either speaking or inputting text directly into your mobile phone and asking the driver to take you to the Hotel Francisco in Madrid. Imagine that the driver understands and takes you to your destination.

With a robust database, flexible and user friendly design, The Enterpreter™ is a sophisticated translation application that eliminates language barriers to true global communication.

The Enterpreter’s custom built, specifically designed platform has been created to take advantage of the industry’s rapid technological change. In addition to mobile application software, Enterpret offers software for more targeted markets.

Corporate Software

At the corporate level, Enterpreter™ is an enterprise system that resides on an individual PC, laptop, or corporate server. Once installed, The Enterpreter™ is fully embedded in many Microsoft Office applications. Users simply select the dialect of choice within the program and The Enterpreter™ will launch, allowing the option to translate, review, correct for cultural accuracy and save within each document.

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Government Software

Enterpreter’s engine is enhanced to fit the language translation needs of any government entity. We pride ourselves not only on language accuracy but also local dialect accuracy. To accomplish this, we consistently utilize language specialists to routinely create, cleanse and validate for cultural specificity.

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Education Software

Educators and educational administrators can benefit from Enterpret’s software to communicate with those that do not speak the same language either in class or at home. The software enables users to input written text or use the audio voice-to-text tool to generate content within Enterpret’s translation engine.

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